Hi everyone,

I'm Matteo and I work for a company that is experimenting Apache FOP.

FOP is great but we're missing support for flow maps, so we're
planning to get involved with FOP's development and would like to
contribute code to add this missing functionality. In the following
weeks, we're trying to get familiar with FOP's layout engine and will
try to come up with a proposal for an approach to implement flow maps.
We plan to write a Wiki page that will outline the approach for the
flow map implementation. We know that this is likely to require some
design decisions that require community consensus, so we hope that
other people involved with FOP's development will help us understand
the layout engine and provide ideas and feedback so we can bring FOP
forward in this area.

If you have any advice or have started such project already, I'll be
happy to share ideas.

Thank you very much


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