--- Comment #1 from Robert Meyer <> ---
I suspect this issue relates to the recent changes made to the URI resolver.
After comparing both FOP 1.0 and Trunk I found the main difference stemmed from
line found at [trunk]URIResover.getNode:114. It is comparing two ParsedURL's
where on trunk they do not match match, however on 1.0 they do which results in
a value being returned and different paths being followed. The differences in
the ParsedURL's are due to one being passed with just the filename e.g.

(trunk) setpaint.svg

whereas the other is being passed the full path:

(1.0) file://home/user/temp/setpaint.svg

This stems from which accepts the uri. Both make a call to
the FOUserAgent.resolveURI() but whereas 1.0 appended the path to the source,
the new code does not and simply leaves it as just the name. The reason for the
exception is that down the line, due to there being no defined protocol, the then defines the parseURL as a
null:setpaint.svg and thus causes a MalformedURLException.

The next steps would be to investigate why the baseURL() is no longer being
appended to the Source object as that seems to possibly be the source of the

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