Hi All,

I believe I've completed the work on XGC to allow restrictions to the I/O
capabilities, by default, obviously, the mechanisms haven't changed. I've
tried to address some of the suggestions made by the community, Jeremias'
in particular, about the ramifications of changing the APIs and as such
have left them as untouched as possible. I've done some clean up where
appropriate and hope you agree that the code is better now than it was

There are however some limitations, the JAI ImageIO JAR needs to be on the
class path when you want TIFF output. The non-JAI TIFF image encoding
system still does spurious I/O to use as scratch files, this has been left
untouched since the JAI route supports more TIFF types and is the default
opus operandi. (N.B.// The JAI method also does some scratch-file making
itself, but you've got to assume that the guys/girls at Sun would have
considered the implications of such behaviour.)

Spiel aside I'll get the vote started +1 from me.



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