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The provided "" from attachment 29402 is in fact a combination of an
XSL and an XSL-FO part to benefit from the <xsl:attribute-set> tag of XSL. In
Java, I use an identity transformer to produce the PDF output. On the
commandline I use the following to produce the PDF/A-1b output:

fop.bat -c conf\fop_conf.xml -xml -xsl -pdfa1b

The created output of FOP v1.1 RC1 produces the above stated two errors (see
foptest_11rc1_report.pdf - I translated the error messages for you).

To create a PDF/A-1b file that Adobe Preflight tests without errors from the
same "" you need to apply the patch from #51270 to the original v1.0
FOP source tree (see foptest_10hf1_report.pdf - no errors in here).

Other tools, like CABAReT Stage from Intarsys, warn about other issues (e.g.
EAAAAI+DroidSans and EAAAAJ+DroidSans-Bold do that do not have a valid metadata
entry). But these are only warnings.

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