--- Comment #6 from Robert Meyer <> ---

Initially I tried going through the code and implementing the fix you suggested
which does appear to be incorrect in the source, but unfortunately it trips up
later on with another null pointer exception. I then put in a check for that to
avoid it but I got a further NoSuchElement exception. It was at this stage I
looked at the FO and the validation warnings I tried to circumvent by using the
-r flag. It appears there is a lot wrong with the file. The warnings / errors
are all like the following:

"fo:table-body" is missing child elements. Required content model: marker*
(table-row+|table-cell+) (See position 895:37)

After looking through the FO there were numerous instances of tables with
table-body elements with no contents or similarly declared empty table-headers.
These are rules which both FOP and the FO must abide [1], so I can see why FOP
is falling over. I went through the FO removing all of the blank tables with
the problematic body and header's elements. After I had done this I could
successfully render the document. It may not be how it was intended to look,
but it did render. 

In order to get yours to render, I would recommend going through the FO file
and instead of removing the tables, add the necessary missing table-rows /
table-cells if these are used for formatting purposes. This should prevent FOP
from complaining whilst allowing you to render the document correctly.


In the meantime, this bug can relate to the incorrect sublings usage you
specified in your original post.

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