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For more than 6 years Apache FOP has behaved in a certain way.

This means that all projects which created XSL-FO as output could have produced
references which are either local file references (like Docbook does when
producing references to Note images) or URL paths which may contain "\" in them
like the DITA Open Toolkit does.
Such invalid references are still handled by commercial FO applications like
RenderX XEP or Antenna House because they are more interested in generating the
PDF than in breaking the XSL-FO transformation.

Could you add in the FOP configuration file a special setting which would
overpass this problem (show it as a warning) instead of signaling it as an
This is what the producer of the Saxon XSLT processor did when he decided to no
longer handle file references to XSLT files (instead of URI references).

I understand that by default FOP could fail with a fatal error but you have to
give the projects which produce XSL-FO (and there could be many) some time to
upgrade their handling of image references and in the meantime to have users
benefit of the latest bug fixes available in Apache FOP.

We are the manufacturers on an XML Editor (Oxygen XML Editor), our editor comes
bundled with a lot of open source software and is used to publish using a lot
of open source software so upgrading the bundled FOP libraries to FOP 1.1 is a
problem for us.

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