On 17/12/2012 09:08, Pascal Sancho wrote:
Hi list,

Hi Pascal,

In order to keep trace about works on versions, we should use the Jira
feature to indicate what version is fixed.

I agree.

in almost cases, fixes are against the trunk. Since in Jira one can
rename the version name (see [1]), during the FOP release process (at
branching or tagging stage), we could rename (in Jira) the "trunk" to
the released version name, then create a new "trunk" entry.






2012/12/14 Alexios Giotis <alex.gio...@gmail.com>:
Hi Pascal,

I noticed the "Fix Version/s" Jira field and I was tempted to update it while resolving 
the issue. But the only version that applies is "trunk" which is a moving target...

I have not seen any guidelines related to Jira and FOP. If I miss something, please do tell me. I 
think, one should first decide the version number of the trunk (1.2 ? 2.0 ?) and add it to Jira. If 
an issue requires changes in code, then committers need to resolve it and update the 
"Fix" version. Finally, Jira creates "Release notes" based on this information 
and one should consider if and how this affects the usage of the status.xml


On 14 Dec 2012, at 17:07, Pascal Sancho <psancho....@gmail.com> wrote:


before closing a bug, I think one should indicate what version its
resolution does affect.

The goal is to easily manage changes pages in FOP website.

2012/12/14 Alexis Giotis (JIRA) <j...@apache.org>:

Alexis Giotis closed FOP-1840.

[PATCH] Region-Body Column balancing incorrect if content is table with header

                Key: FOP-1840
                URL: https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/FOP-1840
            Project: Fop
         Issue Type: Improvement
         Components: page-master/layout
   Affects Versions: 1.0
        Environment: Operating System: All
Platform: PC
           Reporter: a.kovacs
           Assignee: fop-dev


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