I have noticed that since the complex scripts change, if you right-align an 
image in a cell and it exceeds the bounds of the cell, it will start expanding 
in the opposite direction as opposed to staying locked to the right side. Is 
this behaviour correct? I have attached two PDF's showing this with one run on 
trunk and one using code from before the patch.

>From looking in the code there is now a check on line 352 in 
>LineLayoutManager.java which checks the difference for a negative value before 
>its assigned to the startIndent. If it is found to be the case, its changed to 
>0 which prevents the content from overrunning the left side. Although its a 
>bit cryptic, I found the following under the external-graphic section in the 
>XSL:FO specification which leads me to believe it should stay locked to the 
>direction assigned by the text-align property:

"Once scaled, the reference-area
is aligned with respect to the viewport-area
using the text-align and
traits. If it is too large for the viewport-area,
the graphic is aligned as if it would fit and the overflow
trait controls the clipping, scroll bars, etc."

I did also notice that negative start-indent values are allowed under blocks, 
but I am not sure if this is relevant.

This is primarily about clarifying which is correct as I would have presumed 
that if something is right aligned and it exceeds it's parents bounds, it will 
overflow in the direction it was assigned. 


Robert Meyer

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