Hi Robert,


thanks for your reply.

What is your guess in the code. I hab a look at the textrun 
but I seems that there is no fail.



Best regards




Von: Robert Meyer [mailto:rme...@hotmail.co.uk] 
Gesendet: Montag, 18. März 2013 12:41
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Betreff: RE: RTF: Inline background-color will be inherit to next cell


Hi Markus,

I had a quick look at this on Friday. The problem, from what I could make out, 
is that styling information is stored on a stack which runs in parallel with an 
element array. When it comes to the stylized text, it reads the top most set of 
attributes (which in RTF just sets the new colour / font as it doesn't worry 
about state) and writes the text. The problem comes when the text has finished 
as although the previous style information is now the top-most on the stack, it 
is not written to the document and therefore is stuck as the styled text. I am 
not sure if this is specific to tables, but if not it would seem odd that 
no-one has picked up on this before.

I am guessing the way to fix this would be that whenever anything is removed 
from the attribute stack, the next top-most item (previous style) is then 
written to the RTF document before any else happens. The problem with this 
though is that it may cause other issues as I am not sure exactly when the 
styling information is removed. If it occurs earlier e.g. just after the style 
has been written, you won't want the previous style to be applied as the text 
being written won't have started / finished yet. It's a difficult one and all 
depends on the implementation.

I will take another look at this at some point but unfortunately at present 
have prior obligations.


Robert Meyer


Subject: RTF: Inline background-color will be inherit to next cell
Date: Fri, 15 Mar 2013 11:56:55 +0100
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I found this error. The inline background-color has been taken to the next cell.

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