For those interested in playing with the code in this branch, you will
have to use a trunk version of Batik with the patch from the following
issue applied:


On 29/07/13 23:45, wrote:
> Author: vhennebert
> Date: Mon Jul 29 21:45:20 2013
> New Revision: 1508208
> URL:
> Log:
> Directly use FOP fonts to lay out SVG images for PDF, PS and AFP outputs.
> The metrics are now taken from FOP configured fonts and no longer from AWT 
> equivalents. That avoids discrepancies in case AWT and FOP use slightly 
> different fonts, or if the font is not installed on the system. That actually 
> also avoids having to install the font on the system.
> FOP is also used for the primary layout of text (prior to SVG-specific 
> transforms like translation or rotation) for consistency between SVG and 
> This is a joint work from Peter Hancock and myself.

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