Hi Glenn,

A conference with the below agenda (plus other items) would be great. Unfortunately we don't have the budget to fly the team out to the U.S. for a short 1 day meeting. Therefore, we must decline with regret. However, if you are ever in the UK for whatever reason it would be good to hold such a conference. Others on this list would also be welcome of course.



On 18/10/2013 03:43, Glenn Adams wrote:
Dear FOP Users and Developers,

I will be visiting Basis Technology [1] in Cambridge, Massachusetts during the week of Oct 28 through Nov 1, who has sponsored my work on FOP, especially the Complex Script support. Basis has agreed to host an informal meeting of parties interested in FOP, including users, developers, or sponsors or potential sponsors.

I would like to determine if there is an interest in having people attend a half to full day meeting during that week, which would be organized along an /unconference/ style. Some of the topics that I would like to talk about include:

  * future work on complex script support, e.g., fixing bidi issues,
    adding additional script support;
  * PDF extensions, such as support for inter- and intra-page
    transitions and layers (optional content groups)
  * how to increase interest and use of FOP
  * how to increase levels of sponsorship on the core work of
    maintaining and enhancing FOP

Please let me know if you are interested in attending, which day of that week would be best for you, and any additional topics you would like to explore.

I realize this is rather short notice, but let's see if there is sufficient interest.


[1] http://www.basistech.com/

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