Hello all,
  I'm new to all this, but am reworking the PCL render so we can use this
package to render whole page SVG to PCL.  

  We have existing java code that can take a whole page image, check to see
if it's color, if so, count the colors, then figure the best mode to send it
to the printer (24bit color, 8 bit palette, 4 bit palette, etc).  We then
compress each scan line using the best PCL compression mode.

  I currently got the compression working plugged into fop and working with
the black and white bitmaps.  The original fop code created a 805K PCL file,
the new code produces a 314K PCL file.  I'm now working on the Color.  Our
current code uses some routines from swt, need to find equivalent functions
in awt.

  We would like to donate this code back, and I heard through the grapevine
that someone else is working on the PCL module.  We would like to
collaborate with whoever is actively working on this module or would be the

  I plan to have this all wrapped up this week, so am looking for someone
who is active with this code.  

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