I have personally never used the HTML output of Checkstyle as I find it
of very little use. It lists each and every file it checked along with
the number of errors in that file. That makes it virtually impossible to
find those files that have a non-zero number of errors, as they are lost
in an ‘ocean’ of non-erroneous files.

As I wanted to have Gump run Checkstyle, I needed to simplify the task
and the easiest was to remove the reference to the XSLT stylesheet that
creates the HTML out of the XML output.

If anybody feels that they would miss that feature, please let me know
and I’ll try and re-enable it in a separate target.


On 17/12/13 18:11, vhennebert wrote:
Author: vhennebert
Date: Tue Dec 17 17:11:56 2013
New Revision: 1551634

URL: http://svn.apache.org/r1551634
Have Gump run Checkstyle on the source code
Removed HTML output for easier integration with Gump


Modified: xmlgraphics/fop/trunk/build.xml
--- xmlgraphics/fop/trunk/build.xml (original)
+++ xmlgraphics/fop/trunk/build.xml Tue Dec 17 17:11:56 2013
@@ -1042,10 +1042,8 @@ NOTE:
  <!-- Checkstyle                                                          -->
  <!-- =================================================================== -->
    <property name="checkstyle.location" 
value="${lib-tools}/checkstyle-5.5-all.jar" />
-  <property name="checkstyle.noframes.xslt" 
value="${basedir}/checkstyle-noframes.xsl" />
    <property name="checkstyle.config" value="${basedir}/checkstyle-5.5.xml" />
    <path id="checkstyle-classpath">
-    <path refid="libs-build-classpath"/>
      <pathelement location="${checkstyle.location}"/>
    <condition property="checkstyle.avail">
@@ -1053,14 +1051,12 @@ NOTE:
        <available classname="com.puppycrawl.tools.checkstyle.CheckStyleTask">
          <classpath refid="checkstyle-classpath"/>
-      <available file="${checkstyle.noframes.xslt}"/>
        <available file="${checkstyle.config}"/>
    <target name="checkstyle-avail" unless="checkstyle.avail">
      <echo message="Checkstyle support NOT present. Please download it from 
http://checkstyle.sf.net/ and"/>
      <echo message="... please provide ${checkstyle.location}"/>
-    <echo message="... please provide ${checkstyle.noframes.xslt}"/>
      <echo message="... please provide ${checkstyle.config}"/>
    <target name="checkstyle" depends="package, checkstyle-avail" if="checkstyle.avail" 
description="Runs Checkstyle for a code quality report">
@@ -1077,7 +1073,6 @@ NOTE:
        <fileset dir="${test.dir}" includes="**/*.java"/>
        <formatter type="xml" toFile="${build.dir}/report_checkstyle.xml"/>
-    <xslt in="${build.dir}/report_checkstyle.xml" out="${build.dir}/report_checkstyle.html" 
  <!-- =================================================================== -->
  <!-- PMD                                                                 -->
@@ -1508,7 +1503,7 @@ NOTE:
  <!-- Special target for Gump                                             -->
  <!-- =================================================================== -->
    <target name="gump" depends="package,transcoder-pkg"/>
-  <target name="gump-test" depends="junit-all">
+  <target name="gump-test" depends="junit-all,checkstyle">

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