FYI, and in case this issue is raised in the future, this discussion just took place in the PDFBox list. It was a red herring in the end, but the rest of the discussion explains the origin of the code.

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Subject:        CCITT Fax code from Sun Microsystems
Date:   Sun, 9 Feb 2014 11:14:10 -0800
From:   John Hewson <>

Hi All

It seems that we have some Sun Microsystems code in PDFBox, namely 
which is clearly from:
(note: it was easier to link to image-io-ext but the original file may well be 
from plain old image-io)

It seems that the origin of this code is Apache XML Graphics Commons:
(note the missing Sun copyright)

The good news is that the Image IO code is under the BSD license, so it 
shouldn’t be
impossible to resolve this, but what should we do?

-- John

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