Hi Jacopo,

Thanks for your contribution. I wonder why you ask for a bug fix release of 1.1? v2.0 will include all bug fixes since the v1.1 release, there are no plans for a 1.1.2 release or similar. We are working towards a v2.0 release of FOP. We've just released XML Graphics Commons v2.0, but the FOP release is dependent on other libraries being released first.



On 03/10/2014 06:49, Jacopo Cappellato wrote:
Thank you Luis,

I have attached to Jira a Junit test for the CompareUtil.equal method that 
should prove the issue we are facing and should confirm that the fix I am 
proposing should work ok.
As regards the bug fix release, at the moment this is the only issue that I am 
aware of that is causing some pain to OFBiz and having a bug fix release for it 
would be great; however I know that the release workflow requires a good amount 
of work and I am wondering if I or other OFBiz committers may be of any help in 
the release process (e.g. we could help the FOP community to maintain a release 
branch for 1.1 by backporting fixes to it and testing it).
I am wide open to any suggestions. Of course OFBiz will upgrade to the new 
release 2.0 as soon as this will be available and we will help you to test that 
as well. All in all I am just trying to give something back to the FOP 
community, since the OFBiz community has been a rather silent and passive user 
of your amazing tool :-)



On Oct 3, 2014, at 1:15 AM, Luis Bernardo <lmpmberna...@gmail.com> wrote:

I can apply your patch although I do not have the environment to test it.

Regarding the question about a bug fix for 1.1, the answer is that there is 
nothing planned but if there is interest from the FOP users I think that can be 
accommodated. Is there any other bug your would like to see fixed in a 1.1+ 

On 10/2/14, 7:22 PM, Jacopo Cappellato wrote:
Hi all,

I am a committer for Apache OFBiz, a project that uses FOP 1.1 (thanks for this 
amazing product).

I hope this is the right list to get some information about the release process 
and planning of Apache FOP. Apart from FOP 2.0, is there a plan to release a 
bug fix release for 1.1?
For example, we may be specifically interested in getting a new release with 
this issue resolved:

(in the ticket I have attached a fix for the same).

Is there something we could do to support you in the process?

Thank you,


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