Hi Justus,

FOP is an open source project. If no one else seems to be working on FOP-1969, please feel free to have a go yourself and submit a patch file for review.



On 14/10/2014 07:26, justus-b...@piater.name wrote:
Hi -

What does it take to fix FOP-1969 "Surrogate pairs not treated as single
unicode codepoint for display purposes"?

I use FOP to typeset math-heavy documents.  So far I've been using
JEuclid-fop (which does handle the characters in question), but it has
issues and does not appear to be very active these days.  I'm currently
reviving my own MathML-to-SVG solution
(http://pmml2svg.sourceforge.net/), but here I run into FOP-1969.


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