Hi Simon

On 2014-11-12, Simon Steiner wrote:

> Fop project moved to Jenkins so can you remove fop from gump.

we can do so easily (as well as any other Apache committer could), but a
bit of history first.

About one-and-half year ago I asked whether you still wanted to have
Gump builds for XMLGraphics[1] and back then Vincent Hennebert responded
you wanted to keep the builds[2].

I assume it is a FOP project decsion to remove the Gump build now and
will change Gump's configuration to that effect (initially I'll really
only remove the email notification) - please yell if you still want to
keep the different kind of CI Gump provides.



[2] http://mail-archives.apache.org/mod_mbox/gump-general/201307.mbox/browser

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