I see. Chris is the PMC chair and may be able to explain/fix it.

On 1/24/15 8:42 PM, Luca Furini wrote:
Luis Bernardo wrote:

I am under the impression that committership rights are never revoked but I
could be wrong. Are you sure that you can log in to your Apache account?
Maybe a year ago or so Apache forced a change in passwords. Did you change
your password when that happened?
Yes, I remember changing the password when requested.

When I try to commit I get a "403 forbidden" error message after being
requested username and password (by comparison, if I enter a wrong
username / password I keep being asked to enter them correctly).

I think my apache account still exists as I can log in to
https://id.apache.org, and I'm in the commiters list at
http://people.apache.org/committer-index.html#lfurini (although I'm
not assigned to any svn projects).

On the other hand I have been inactive for several years, so I
wouldn't be surprised or offended if someone / an authomatic procedure
revoked my powers ...

So ... does anyone has any ideas? :-)


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