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From: Clay Leeds [mailto:the.webmaes...@gmail.com] 
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To: Apache FOP
Subject: Re: FOP Release


One of the changes for PDFBox 2.0.0 (from what I gather from the PDFBox ‘Ideas’ 
page), is a switch to Java 1.6.


We discussed a switch for FOP that required a higher version of Java (I believe 
it was 1.6, but don’t recall).


But I can’t find anywhere on our site that indicates what the minimum Java 
requirement actually is. I’d like to update the site to include the minimum 
requirements if someone can let me know what those are… ;-)




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Since Batik and XGC have been released, are we ready to release FOP?


It has been said we can’t release PDF plugin using a snapshot release of PDFBox 
2.0. PDFBox 1.8 is missing font parsing libraries we need for font merging.

We could make release a PDF plugin beta release using snapshot of PDFBox or ask 
user to use PDF plugin snapshot version with FOP 2.0.




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