MH commented on FOP-2495:

For the last font Problem I also found a very ugly workaround: I had to read 
the configuration , get the value of font-base and set it during the 
FopFactoryBuilder construction:

     * Set up new FOP factory with a configuartion file.
     * @param defaultBaseURI Base URI to read user config file (e.g. 
     * @param userConfigFile (e.g. "userconfig.xml")
     * @param resolver Custom resolver.
     * @param uri URI of current working path..
     * @throws Exception on error.
    public final void setUserConfigFile(final File defaultBaseURI, final File 
userConfigFile, final ResourceResolver resolver, final URI uri) throws 
Exception {
        if (userConfigFile != null) {
            DefaultConfigurationBuilder cfgBuilder = new 
            Configuration cfg = cfgBuilder.buildFromFile(userConfigFile);

            //read font-base from configuration file:
            URI fontBase = defaultBaseURI.toURI(); //default (e.g. 
"file:////PC1/instDir/reports/xml/fonts/") - network shares doesn't work!
            Configuration[] cfgs = cfg.getChildren();
            for (final Configuration c : cfgs) { //e.g. "base", "font-base", 
"source-resolution", "target-resolution", "default-page-settings", "renderers"
                if ("font-base".equals(c.getName())) {
                    String v = c.getValue(); //has to be a URI!
                    fontBase = URI.create(v); //e.g. 

            if (resolver != null) {
                builder = new FopFactoryBuilder(fontBase, resolver);
            } else {
                builder = new FopFactoryBuilder(fontBase);
            builder.setBaseURI(uri); //since FOP 2.0
            fopFactory = builder.build();
        } else {
            fopFactory = FopFactory.newInstance(new File(".").toURI());

        foUserAgent = fopFactory.newFOUserAgent();

This is so ugly, I wonder how FOP 2.0 has so many things made worse! But it's 
still not like FOP 1.0 - now we get lots of errors and warnings for some fonts, 

lte50058.AFM: named character 'quoteright' has an incorrect code point: 146. 
Changed to 39
   java.lang.RuntimeException: SVG graphic could not be built. Reason: 
java.lang.RuntimeException: SVG error: The font PMN_Caecilia_45_Light.ttf is 
not embeddable due to a licensing restriction.

that we didn't get with FOP 1.0 (for the very same font files, of course).

> Embedding: missing migration documentation from FOP 1.x
> -------------------------------------------------------
>                 Key: FOP-2495
>                 URL: https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/FOP-2495
>             Project: FOP
>          Issue Type: Bug
>          Components: documentation
>    Affects Versions: 2.0
>         Environment: WIndows, Java 8, FOP 1.0
>            Reporter: MH
>            Priority: Blocker
>              Labels: documentation
> Because of bug FOP-2177 we couldn't upgrade form FOP 1.0 to FOP 1.1. FOP 2.0 
> has solved this bug (tested with standalone FOP scripts).
> Now we would like to upgrade our Java code from FOP 1.0 to FOP 2.0. The 
> Upgrading page (https://xmlgraphics.apache.org/fop/2.0/upgrading.html) says 
> "You should encounter very few issues in upgrading from FOP 1.0, except as 
> noted in the following: ...". The truth is completely different: starting by 
> replacing fop.jar, our code gets dozens of compiler errors! Many methods are 
> simply gone:
> FopFactory.newInstance()
> FoUserAgent.setBaseURL(String);
> FopFactory.getFontManager().setFontBaseURL(String)
> FopFactory.setURIResolver(URIResolver);
> etc.
> The javadocs from 1.1 to 2.0 simple changed - no deprecated methods, no hints 
> how to replace old methods.
> The FOP 2.0 embedding page 
> (https://xmlgraphics.apache.org/fop/2.0/embedding.html) just shows simple 
> examples to start from the ground. I can't find any migration help how to 
> replace old code. 
> E.g. how can I set the font base? 
> FopFactory.getFontManager().setFontBaseURL(String) is gone and I can't find 
> any equivalent code for FOP 2.0!
> This is a major bug in FOP 2.0 as API changes are not documented to upgrade 
> from FOP 1.x Java API to FOP 2.0!
> Now I just can search and try and experiment if I get our old code somehow 
> running with all those undocumented API changes. Can you please state a 
> migration documentation for all methods (method signatures) that don't exist 
> anymore? We can't start coding all over again from scratch. Thank you very 
> much!

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