When a blank page is generated because the page-sequence specified force-page-count, does this page also match the page-position=last condition? It seems in some old versions of FOP (1.0?) this was not the case, page-position=last didn't match the padding pages. We were actually counting on that behavior using conditional-page-master-reference, but it seems the current version doesn't work that way anymore. Actually we were getting some unreliable output, when the last page (before the blank page) is full, it didn't match page-position=last, but when there was some space left it was matching. I was going to report that as a bug, but then I tested versions 1.1 and 2.0 and they work differently. It seems that in the current version of FOP a generated blank page also matches page-position=last. We were trying to generate a "End of Section" message on the footer of the last page with content using a special master matching page-position=last. But this doesn't work if the last page is a generated blank page, which matches a different master in our case.

So, what's the correct behavior: is a generated blank page at end of page sequence also the last page? If that's the case, then there's no condition that matches the last page with content, is this right?


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