I've gotten a little further on this, now I'm able to obtain correct print and 
AWT output if I modify the method:

public boolean updateClip(Shape cl)

of the class:


to never intersect new clips with older ones, this is most probably the wrong 
solution, since there might be cases when the intersect is really necessary, 
but at least for my use case it might be enough, i do not need any fancy 
rounding to the edges of the document, and AWT most probably do not support 
them anyway.

I'm not sure if it will be useful to add a patch with this modification to the 
bug, assuming I do not find any failing test cases, I still need to setup the 
junit bits for those.

Thank you again,

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To: fop-dev@xmlgraphics.apache.org
From: Luca Mambretti <luca.mambre...@bizeta.net>
Date: 14/12/2015 11:13
Subject: Help for bug 2545

 Hi everyone,

a couple of weeks ago i created this bug:


The problem in short is that when I directly print a document, header and 
footer sections are truncated, the PDF output is fine.

Since it's now becoming quite critical for me I would love to try my luck at 
solving it myself.

I've already started by downloading the sources for 2.0 and setting up a debug 
environment, I do suspect the java2D renderer is to blame, but since I'm not 
that familiar with the sources I would like to ask if anyone that is, could 
point me in the correct direction.

Thany you in advance for your help,

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