FOP-1575 seems to be similar, but isn't the same. I also can't reproduce
it on my platform (win, jdk 8), so perhaps it has been fixed in the
meantime by some other change.

Regarding your other questions: getEffectiveICCProfile() is always
called, regardless of embedded or non-embedded profiles. In fact I just
tried with more sample PNG images (with and without embedded profiles)
and my fix is definitely wrong, because embedded ICC profiles for Gray
color space are also of type ICC_ProfileGray, so also embedded profiles
are now being ignored by my change. I think my fix needs to be added
more deep down, probably in the  image loader
(ImageLoaderImageIO.loadImage). Perhaps it would be a good thing to mark
the Image there as having or not an embedded profile, so that the
ImageRendererAdapter can better decide, if the profiles should be used.
I will create a jira issue and check in more detail.


On 12.01.2016 19:27, Luis Bernardo wrote:
> Can you check whether FOP-1575 is the same problem?
> Is getEffectiveICCProfile() only called if there is no embedded
> profile? Could there be cases where that profile is in fact correct?
> On 1/12/16 9:25 PM, Matthias Reischenbacher wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I've been struggling today with the PDF display of a PNG with "gray"
>> color space. When using the default PNG loader (with the raw PNG loader
>> all works fine), the colors are displayed very "light" and "dull".
>> During a debug session I found out that the ImageIO loader assigns a
>> default Gray ICC profile (of type java.awt.color.ICC_ProfileGray), if
>> the PNG file doesn't have an embedded ICC profile. So the
>> ImageRenderedAdapter.getEffectiveICCProfile method returns this Java
>> "ICC_ProfileGray" profile, which is then embedded in the output PDF.
>> Displaying the PNG with this profile, causes the "incorrect" color
>> display.
>> I'm aware that an ICC profile should be embedded in the PNG file, in
>> order to have full control over color reproduction, but I'm wondering if
>> it doesn't go a bit too far to output a profile, which is internally
>> assigned by the JRE. As a quick fix I locally changed the
>> ImageRenderedAdapter.getEffectiveICCProfile method the following way:
>> protected ICC_Profile getEffectiveICCProfile() {
>>      ColorSpace cs = getImageColorSpace();
>>      if (cs instanceof ICC_ColorSpace) {
>>          ICC_ColorSpace iccSpace = (ICC_ColorSpace)cs;
>>          return !(iccSpace.getProfile() instanceof ICC_ProfileGray) ?
>> iccSpace.getProfile() : null;
>>      } else {
>>          return null;
>>      }
>> }
>> Please let me know, if anybody disagrees with this approach or if it
>> should be handled somewhere else.
>> Thanks,
>> Matthias

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