I'm having difficulties understanding how to implement Apache FOP extensions.
Right now I'm just trying to get FOP to replace my custom element with the
character "0". All of the samples appear to be for inserting images.

I even tried re-implementing the "fo:page-number" element (below). It seems
to do all of the same validation and runs the various methods, but it does
not cause the page number to output.

Are the custom extensions not meant for text insertion or filtering?

By the way, I'm only looking into this as a possibility to allow me to
format page numbering with and without a leading zero on the same page. The
"format" attribute is only accepted on "fo:page-sequence" and not

public class TestElementMapping extends ElementMapping {
    public static final String URI = "http://www.test.com/fop";;
    public static final String STANDARD_PREFIX = "tst";
    public TestElementMapping() {
        namespaceURI = URI;
    protected void initialize() {
        if (foObjs == null) {
            foObjs = new HashMap<String, Maker>();
            foObjs.put("page-number", new PageNumberMaker());
    static class PageNumberMaker extends ElementMapping.Maker {
        public FONode make(FONode parent) {
            return new org.apache.fop.fo.flow.PageNumber(parent) {
                public String getNamespaceURI() {
                    return URI;
                public String getNormalNamespacePrefix() {
                    return STANDARD_PREFIX;

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