Dear All,

I am trying to address but I
realized there is no convenient method in which
stores/constructs glyph outline data.

The promising one getGlyphOutline() returns just glyph bounding box. I've
reported this as

E.g. in Batik's SVGGVTGlyphVector all glyphs are stored as Glyph objects and
the outline can be accessed via glyph.getOutline(), see below:

     * Returns a Shape whose interior corresponds to the visual
     * of the specified glyph within this GlyphVector.
    public Shape getGlyphOutline(int glyphIndex) {
        if (glyphIndex < 0 || (glyphIndex > glyphs.length-1)) {
            throw new IndexOutOfBoundsException("glyphIndex: " + glyphIndex
            + ", is out of bounds. Should be between 0 and " +
(glyphs.length-1) + ".");
        return glyphs[glyphIndex].getOutline();

Any idea how to retrieve outlines for particular characters or entire text
chunks? It has to work even for not installed fonts (specified in the FOP



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