Why not make your own hyphenation word list.




From: Beugnier, Ronny (IP&Science) [mailto:ronny.beugn...@clarivate.com] 
Sent: 03 October 2017 19:24
To: fop-dev@xmlgraphics.apache.org
Subject: Custom line breaking algorithm




We are working on an upgrade to fop 2.2 from a very old version.


Unfortunately we ran into the issue were text is overflowing in table
columns as in the attachment.


In the older version of fop that we used we have the following algorithm:


-          If the word is too long to fit on the line, move it to the next

-          If the word is too large to fit into the column break the word 


We cannot make use of hyphenation because multiple languages are combined in
one pdf and we are not aware of the language.


The only way we think we can implement this is to adjust the line breaking
Knuth algorithm in the implementation.


Would this be the right approach ? Has any one done this before ? Can
someone provide some guidance on this ? 


Many thanks in advance,


Kind Regards,




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