the book I mentioned in my mail is currently generated by two sources:

1) A c++ client application sends a request to the servers process manager 
(java app), which collects via our database classes all information belonging 
to this book and writes a unique temp-xml document (because there are possible 
100 users doing the same).
Afterwards the pdf generator looks for the necessary XSL-file for this request, 
builds the FOP-Tree, renders the pdf document and informs the client about 
finishing the generation process. 
The client then streams the pdf from the server and shows it.

2) A user requests the generation of a specified book in our web app and 1)

1) and 2) use the same components. 

So, dynamic generation of pdf files (if it is what you are thinking about) is 
really straightforward with the FOP engine whatever you want to this by a web 
app of dedicated client/server application.

Erik Rehrmann - IOn AG

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> Betreff: What are people doing with FOP? [Was Re: Page 
> (re)calculation]
> On 09 Jul 2001 07:40:25 +0200, Erik Rehrmann wrote:
> > Hi all,
> > 
> > I have to know if it is possible to calculate the content of the
> > left page in dependence on the contents of the right page.
> > 
> > We have to print a book consisting of a paragraph-like left side
> > content and a right side which describes the single paragraphs
> > of the left side. The size of the description on the right side
> > can have 3 lines up to 3 pages.  And here is the problem: There
> > must only as many paragraphs on the left side as can be described
> > on the right side. If a description exceeds one page, the next
> > left page has to be empty.
> > 
> > Is this possible with FOP, maybe by render the right side counting
> > the descriptive parts and then inserting the paragraph page
> > before? If so, how has the XML file to look like?
> I'm replying to this messaging for two purposes:
> 1. Recognize that I did receive this message, if that makes someone
> happy :) .  (This is the original "Page (re)calculation" message, not
> the repost.)
> 2. Wow!  You are doing that with FOP?
> And here's my question to all the 'fop-users': How are you using FOP?
> I'm using it (plan to, pending approval and load testing, etc., etc.,)
> in an servlet environment where a DTD, a XSLT stylesheet, and a simple
> API is provided so that any servlet can call a few line of code to
> generate a PDF stream, which they send to the browser for printing:
> DocGen dg = new DocGen();
> byte[] ba = dg.genDoc("<doc><h1>Title</h1><p>Testing, 1, 2, 3,
> ...</p></doc>", DocGen.GEN_PDF);
> Response.setContentType("application/pdf");
> Response.getWriter().write(ba);
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> Weiqi Gao

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