My biggest document yet is 400 pages. I think the developers have tested
with much larger documents (thousands of pages). I don't think size is a
problem, at least not if your document is hundreds of pages.

Visit the fop-dev archives at and search for the thread
with title "XSL-FO Engine comparisons". This will give you an idea of how
complete FOP is.



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From: Richard Heintze [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]
Sent: 16. august 2001 04:27
Subject: Is Fop mature enough for big documents

What has been your experience with FOP? What is the
largest document you have seen generated with FOP?

I was about to abandon MS Office in favor of
XSLT/FO/FOP when I realized there was a leading zero
in the version number. 

I believe this means it is still in beta and should
not be used in production.

I would like to use FOP for a 500 page document I need
to write starting now. Is FOP mature enough to handle



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