pII 333, 196ram winnt with a 850 mb paging file (or swap file whatever you call it :-) )

I use 15 page sequences now for 400 pages, most of em only got 25 or less pages in em.

I would't care that much if it was just slow, but it just freezes.

I also tried a 800mhz with 128 ram, same result, I know the amount of ram is a problem, but it shouldn't freeze, just slow down right?


At 01:03 PM 8/27/01 +0200, you wrote:
I am all out. how many pages per page sequence do you have?

I am using the same version, P3 500 with 128megs ram, W2K
With a large document, my pc just didn't have enough memory, the system was
spending more time paging virtual memory than actual processing.

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yes, although fop seems to run faster as you predicted, and it also renders more pages, it still freezes. Only now a couple of pages further doen the line.

Have you got any more suggestions, for I am al out of ideas.

note: I also tried the - buf option, didn't do anything for me though.

I am using the sun 1.3 jdk, should I use another?

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