You can do about anything. Here is a test of the fo output that generates
raster graphics and svg graphics in FOP.

<fo:block space-before.optimum="15pt">
        <fo:instream-foreign-object xmlns:svg="";>
                <svg:svg width="800" height="360">
                                <svg:image xlink:href="images\image1.gif"
x="40" y="10" width="461" height="377"/>
                                <svg:image xlink:href="images\4.jpg"
height="75px" width="40px" x="0" y="10"/>
                                <svg:line x1="40" y1="35" x2="125" y2="42"
stroke="red" stroke-width="3px"/>
                                <svg:rect x="105" y="40" width="85"
height="35" style="fill:none;stroke:red;stroke-width:5"/>
                                <svg:ellipse cx="65" cy="100" rx="50"
ry="20" width="75" height="30" style="fill:none;stroke:red;stroke-width:2"/>

I have not tried bmps or pngs yet.


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I got just the following question:

Which external-graphic-formats are supported by fop?
Are there any supported vectorgraphic-formats?



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