How can I ask FOP to use Unicode without loosing the PDF internal font
(without using  raster font) ?
i.e. I want to keep my StrokeSVGText=False working with the Helvetica PDF
internal font to keep my conversion fast.


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De : Jean-Michel Biollaz (pb) [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]
Envoyé : mardi, 14. août 2001 18:12
Objet : FO Frames


Is it possible to embed a SVG image like a frame in a FO document and to
fill this frame with FO element (like text) ?
This is because I didn't find how to make precise frames (lines) with FO,
does someone know how to make precise lines with FO to reproduce a form ? We
can make tables but we cannot solve all situation with row/col spanning.

Thank's in advance,

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