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I apologise if this is an FAQ, but I am having a devil of a time using FOP from a servlet inside Weblogic 6.0.

Basically, when using my servlet inside of Forte, under tomcat,
everything works fine, and alls good.

I am deploying all the various jar files in a webapp, under the
application lib directory, and this have not set an explicit
classpath. I assume that WL just picks them up in alphabetical order.
When running under WL I get one of the following exceptions:

javax.xml.transform.TransformerConfigurationException: System property
org.xml.sax.driver not specified


at com.db.maelstrom.smtm.pdf.PDFReport.generateFO(PDFReport.java:160)

at com.db.maelstrom.smtm.pdf.PDFReport.generate(PDFReport.java:148)

at com.db.maelstrom.smtm.pdf.PDFReport.generate(PDFReport.java:128)

at com.db.dbtrader.servlet.PDFpreTrade$PDFReportFormatter.run(PDFpreTrade.java:


So I set the system property, I get a NoSuchMethod exception in
AxisXXXXXX (I am sorry, but I can't find the exact error ).

FOP is really cool, and I would love to be able to use it, but after
almost a day of trying to track down the .jar file incompatiabilities,
I am almost going mad!
I am using the following JAR files:
> >
> > avalon-framework-4.0.jar
> > batik.jar
> > BCEL.jar
> > fop.jar
> > gnu-regexp-1.1.2.jar
> > jakarta-oro-2.0.4.jar
> > jdom.jar
> > jimi-1.0.jar
> > jsfc.jar
> > logkit-1.0b4.jar
> > oracle.jar
> > parser.jar
> > xalan-2.0.0.jar
> > xalanj1compat.jar
> > xerces-1.2.3.jar
> > xml.jar
> > xmlparserv2.jar
> > xsltc.jar
> > xsltcrt.jar
> >
(and some other jar files that are not XML related).

Do I need to unjar & then rejar some of these in a secret order to get
all these packages to work together????

It seems that maybe one version of a sax parser factory is doing the
'wrong thing'

Thanks _so_ much for any help you might be able to offer.



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