They were Type 1 PFM fonts.  They looked fine when they were viewed with
Acrobat on NeoWare Linux.  But they would not print (standard Linux lpr
poscript was used).


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On 2001.12.14 18:05 [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:
> We noticed that when fonts are embeded by FOP they are imported with
> "Windows" encoding (in Adobe File->Document Info.->Fonts...).  If you use
> a
> Adobe tool to embeded a font it's encoding is "Built-in" (or something to
> that effect).  We found our Unix boxes needed things tweaked,similar to
> whats described by Chuck below, to make the FOP embeded fonts work.  The
> "Windows" encoding happened even if the FOP processing was run on a
> non-Windows computer.
> I still don't get why that works like that.  A clean solution to this
> would
> be something nice for the documentation library :)
> JohnPT

I there is precise information then it should be documented.

What type of font were you embedding, was it a windows font. Could it be
possible that the font cannot be used on another platform.
The fonts are embedded, they are not converted.

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