Hi FOP Users,

    Seems like I am not doing something right and would appreciate your
input/thoughts on the same...

    I am trying to have the header for the page to vary depending on the
information being displayed....

    I tried to define xsl variables in the "fo:region-before" section and
try to modify the same from within the "fo:region-body" in the fo:flow
element. but it just picks the initial value of the variable and repeats the
same for all the pages..

    Also I tried to call a template from within the same instead of the
using the variable, and got similar results..

    So here's the problem,
    I would get the text data to display for header, while I am processing
the xml
    from within the fo:flow element ie. "<fo:flow
    however the header is within the "<fo:static-content
    any thoughts? ideas...??

    Thanks (in anticipation!),


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