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> / Elliotte Rusty Harold <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> was heard to say:
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> | FOP 0.20.2 does not implement the final XSL 1.0 recommendation. The
> | DocBook XSL stylesheets 1.47 require XSL 1.0. You can either back up
> | to an older version of the stylesheets (I think 1.4.5 works) or wait
> | for a new version of FOP or switch to an XSL-FO processor that does
> | support XSL 1.0.
> Or you can run your FO files through fo/fo-patch-for-fop.xsl.

Or I can run "your" FO files --- given that I'm using the DocBOOk XSL 1.47
stylesheets out-of-the-box. :-)

Regards, Trevor

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