i am trying to embed fop in php.

i ve got an example:
fo2pdf.php,v 1.2 2001/11/20 17:28:47
by Christian Stocker <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>

but it is using CommandLine, and i am using fop 0.20.2, and since 0.19
there is no class CommandLine anymore (correct me, if im wrong)

  function run($fo, $pdf = "", $DelFo = False)
        if (!$pdf)
            $pdf = tempnam($this->tmpdir, $this->tmppdfprefix);

        $this->pdf = $pdf;
        $this->fo = $fo;
        $options = array($this->fo, $this->pdf);
        $java = new Java("org.apache.fop.apps.CommandLine", $options);
        if ($DelFo) {

so what i need, is a how to, for an absolute java-beginner, to embed fop
in php. 
(i heard this should be faster than command line)

thanx in anticipation


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