Hi Lakshmi,

Did you get the Servlet to output a good PDF file?
If you haven't solved the problem I think I can help.
One of the most important things that can go wrong is where the Servlet looks 
for the XML and XSL files.
I found that it was looking on the Web Server root.

Let me know if you still need help and I will send the fop-user list more 

:- devooght

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On 1/14/2002 at 5:09 PM Lakshmi Anantharaman wrote:

>I have a servlet running FOP that should render with xml and xsl-fo the
>output to PDF. It did not work . I tried using code that  came with the
>distribution .
>I am now trying to direct my pdf to be saved in the server . I am able to
>create a pdf file but no content inside .
>which reminds me my servlet previously opened an empty PDF document to . I
>do not get any exception . CAn any one help me out with this. I need a
>example of simple xml and xsl-fo to render pdf output that can be viewed
>throu the browser

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