I have already writen an email today. I seems the XSL FO tag I need is
'float'. I get very confused because on the main FOP page an example -
told real - is given doing exactly what I want, while the float tag is
still unimplemented in FOP.What I want to achive is:

|            |  An image on one
|            |  side and then the
|   Image    |  text flowing along.
|            |  On the FOP main page,
|            |  paragraph 'Formatting'
--------------  there is a snapshot
with exactly that and, as the example
is said to be real, I assume it has
processed with FOP!

It seems that FOP can do it but I check the latest FOP release and the
float tag is still not yet implemented. What is the trick? That's a
very common layout so could someone who has already done that could
give me an example FO document.

Many thanks,


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