Hello Damien!

It is clear to me that 100 columns can't fit on a page.
I wonder whether there is an algorythm, similar to that one that allows
you to show a LONG table on a few pages. Are there any tricks or
properties for a wide table?

Thanks for your help


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I'm not quite sure if it's possible but you can try to fix the total
length of the table so that you know it fit on your page. I did try
once a long time ago to use percent (rather cm etc..) and it was not
accepted. But something like
<fo:table table-width='100%'>...
In any case, an infinite nb of columns can't fit on a finite width

Hoping it will help,


>Dear Friends!
>Can anybody tell me, what do I have to do so that my wide tables
>contain ,for example, 20-30 columns) are being correctly shown?
>They are being simply cut on the right side at the moment...
>When a table is too long, it will be automatically continued on the
>page, but when it is too wide?????
>Thanks for any ideas!

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