thanks a lot, i found the unofficial DTD for XSL FO on

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De : Michael R. Hahn [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]
Envoye : vendredi 25 janvier 2002 14:27
A : Ludovic Maurillon
Objet : Re[2]: XSL-FO DTD

Hi, Ludovic:

LM> I'm sorry, but I really need an answer: where can i download the
LM> XSL DTD?? In fact, I would like tu use Xemacs to write my FO
LM> document. But to be sure that I use the right tags, I would like
LM> to plot it against the DTD. But I can't find it!!! what can i do?

Well, if it doesn't have to be specific to FOP support, try the
unofficial XSL DTD at:

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