Skladov, Victor wrote:

Hello Damien!

It is clear to me that 100 columns can't fit on a page.
I wonder whether there is an algorythm, similar to that one that allows
you to show a LONG table on a few pages. Are there any tricks or
properties for a wide table?

Thanks for your help

My $0.02.

I dont think that this is really a FOP problem.

Sometimes a wide table can be printed on landscape paper, to give more width, then the length (per page) will be shorter, but will be automatically continued.

If your table doesn't fit on a landscape bit of paper, maybe you need to rethink the number of columns in your table, as it may not actually be usable (think, reams of paper laying out on the floor).

M$ Excel gets around this by wrapping wide tables across multiple pages, but this is more of an application-layer problem, as only you know how it is sensible to wrap the tables. (Which cols need to be duplicated on each page, so the data is usable etc etc)



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