You have to ask yourself - what is the ultimate object of the exercise?
Well, it is readability and comprehension. Tables, in particular, are
tough - I do not believe that they lend themselves to 100% automated layout.
I think you look at them one by one - this one I'll show these columns only,
this one here I'll roatte 90 degrees, this one here I'll split across 2
pages, and so forth. Any less effort leads to inferior product. IMO.

I assume that these are actually tables and not the schema. So another
question is, what is accomplished by displaying a 20-column table? Do you
really believe that any user out there can grasp something like that?

Back to XSL-FO: I would recommend doing front-end processing, in SQL or XSLT
or whatever, based on your knowledge of the specific tables. Help the
processor and your users.

Arved Sandstrom

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Subject: AW: FO: If Table Is Too Wide?

Hello Anil!

Thanks for reply.
Yes the final otput is PDF.
We need it for PRINT.
The problem is that I never know how wide a table will be - the
description of the tables is located in ORACLE DB, the tables are being
ON THE FLY generated, they are all very different - one can have 2
column, the other 20.
Is there any algorhythm for automatic break or I must do it myself -
make from one table two or more handish, so to speak?



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The pdf (assuming that it is the final output)
document, do you need to print or just view it through
the reader ?

If it only for view purposes you could perhaps try
increasing the page width (in <fo:simple-page-master>)
to match your requirement. But the width must be
reasonable so that it is not too tedious to scroll and
view :-) An example is

<fo:simple-page-master master-name="all-pages"
page-width="11in" page-height="8in" .... >
: :


Or the other option I guess is to structure your table
suitably so as not to have too many columns.

Hope something works out for you.


--- "Skladov, Victor" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Dear Friends!
> Can anybody tell me, what do I have to do so that my
> wide tables (that
> contain ,for example, 20-30 columns) are being
> correctly shown?
> They are being simply cut on the right side at the
> moment...
> When a table is too long, it will be automatically
> continued on the next
> page, but when it is too wide?????
> Thanks for any ideas!
> Regards,
> Viktor

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