Title: RE: SVG Problem with FOP
At 5:41 am -0500 31/1/02, Scott Moore wrote:
Thanks for the reply.
The file does not exist, except in memory.  I create the XSL-FO from a transformation and then directly feed that Document to FOP in my servlet (I'm not using the command-line version of FOP).  The SVG is contained in the document and the url reference is local to the document.

Note: It takes time and effort to attempt to undo the formatting and
to wrap your mail, and I haven't yet worked out how to remove the
blue colouring.

<URL: http://www.arsdigita.com/asj/mime/ >
<URL: http://www.geocities.com/nnqweb/nquote.html >
<URL: http://www.firstpr.com.au/sys-admin/HTML-email/ >
<URL: http://freshmeat.net/articles/view/173/ >
<URL: http://www.lemis.com/email.html >
<URL: http://www.icomm.ca/~dragon/posting.htm >
<URL: http://networknews.vnunet.com/ReadersToTheRescue/16674 >
<URL: http://www.wired.com/news/technology/0,1282,41608,00.html >

The other answer you received subsumes mine, it is correct
in every respect and more detailled. You should work along
the lines lines suggested there, to wit, you need to adjust
your code so that the URI looks something like:



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