FO offers a way to produce high quality documents way beyond Crystal Reports possibility.

If your needs are entirely fullfiled by tools like Crystal Report, I suggest you stick to it or advise your customer/user to do so.

On the other hand, If you have to deal with more sophisticated needs, or you can not be sure of the near future demand of your customer / user or you have to inter operate with other software you can then think about a more portable solution.

FO offers independancy. You mention FOP, I agree it does not cover all FO, and that speed and memory issues exist. Not only FOP is not the only FO implementation, but I am sure this product will do good trhough redesign.

The problem is FO adress a much larger problem than "is my current reporting tool is ok ?". It is made to offer open and independant printing / rendering solution over a wide range of needs / situation.

Enthousiasm comes from the near future possibility of FO. Technology, wether new or old is never the issue.

My answer is toward the list, because I think it is not so off-topic.

At 09:42 30/01/2002 -0500, you wrote:
I would like to know why FOP enthousiast (I am one) are using FO rather than products such as Crystal Reports or other such software (anyone Jetfoms ?). Just for the fun of playing with new technology ?

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