Hi All,
I have three questions regarding FOP.

First of all, does anyone know what FOP stands for?  My guess "File object 

Second question is regarding the FOP performance.  I notice that every time FOP 
runs on Jakarta Tomcat 4.0, the cpu usage is almost 100%.  This is not good if 
we are running other applications on the
same server.  Anyone experiencing such problem?  Do you have a solution?  Does 
increasing heap size make any difference?

My final question is regarding FOP scability.  I have been doing numerous tests 
on FOP using Loadrunner, a simulation application that allows us to specify 
certain number of users and number of
requests.  When making large number of requests to jakarta Tomcat and FOP to 
generate pdfs, I kept on getting socket write error (java.net.socketException 
Error: connection reset by peer: socket write
error).  Anyone know what cause this error?  On the web, it said this error is 
caused by browser and it's not big deal.  

Thanks for you help, I look forward to your expert opinion.


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