Chuck Paussa wrote:

Performance, FOP takes a lot of memory. To get 200ppm processing, I'm
estimating 2GB memory on the system + memory for the database and web
server. Improvements in the memory footprint are scheduled to be started
"not soon" Hey! What do you want? memory is cheap.

Hmm... Interesting estimates. However, while memory is indeed cheap (at least on intel achitectures, for enterprise-grade machines it most certainly is not). If you are suggesting a 2GB heap size, the garbage collection times will kill you.

I'm experimenting with running Jini services to do the processing (or maybe a JavaSpace, later), then we can have as many processors as required - not one gigantic process....

I would also suggest in the future trying to make inherently parallel tasks run in multiple threads. I have about 8 processors available to me, but FOP appears to run in 1 uber-thread.....



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