Thanks Joerg for your sugguestions.  I will check out Cocoon.  

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"Xie, David (IPCG-NJ)" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> I am running FOP 0.20.1.  The strange thing is when I ran one
> or two FOP servlets embed from my browser everything works fine.
>  However, when I send many requests, sometime I get errors such as
> FOPException, connection reset by peer:socket write error and
> Connection aborted by peer:socket write error. 

This is most likely caused by browsers timing out, in rare circumstances
by network congestion. It could help to run the server on a bigger machine.
Unfortunately, FOP is not thread safe and therefore can't easily take
advantage of MP machines.

> This really worries me, because eventually this application would
> take more than 20,000 hits per week.

If this is distributed over 5 days nine-to-five, it's roughly one hit
every 6 seconds. If your servlet takes more than that on average,
you'll have to investigate in caching and/or setting up multiple
server processes with load balancing. You might want to evaluate
Cocoon for its caching abilities (FOP is already build in there).


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