I think, this should work with table-rows, if you use keep-with-next and
keep-with-previous, but if the table exceeds the page you may get an
infinite-loop. however, i tried this in version >0.20.1, and it worked
but i only got some small tables. 

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> Von: Lars Karschen [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]
> Gesendet: Montag, 18. Februar 2002 13:48
> Betreff: Keeping it together
> Hi,
> is there anyone out there who's familiar with keep-properties?
> My problem are rows of a table, which should all stay on one
> page, since their content is linked to each other (one article
> with all it's descriptive attributes for example)
> The rows are not always the same number, because sometimes
> there's less description than on other articles.
> I tried to connect them via keep-with-next.within-page="always",
> but there's no change on the output, maybe i overlooked something,
> since i'm not sure if i understand the definition on the W3C-Page ;)
> thanks in advance,
> Lars
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