I'm not so sure you really need to use an older version of FOP. The
changes in the spec were few. Why not try to come up with an XSLT
stylesheet to convert the old format into the new one and use the
current version if you can't update your other stylesheets. That would be
relatively simple and should not cost a lot of processing power when
used with piped-through SAX.

The change list you want is probably the one of the XSL:FO spec, not

But I'm curious: Why does your project require you to use version 0.18?

By the way, there's a splendid CHANGES file in the root directory of the

On 19.02.2002 17:58:39 syunt wrote:
> Hello all,
> I'm an XSL newbie and recently created several xsl files to generate 
> PDFs using FOP-0.20.1. After learning enough XSL to get my reports 
> looking as I wanted, I found that my project required using FOP version 
> 18 instead. I've tried re-creating my PDFs using the older fop.jar, 
> but some of the XSL tags don't seem to work.
> I've browsed the site and CVS change log but am unable to find a 
> comprehensive feature list to compare between versions. Is there such 
> a list or other place I can figure this out?
> BTW: I think FOP is an amazing tool, I just wish there was a bit more 
> docs concerning version changes - this would help with recommendations 
> to project managers.

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