Ideally, and I don't think FOP does this yet, this is what
"font-selection-strategy" (and other font properties) are for. In practical
terms this really comes down to specifying your "font-family" property in
such a way that when the processor sees that character (the Greek
character), it makes its first glyph match using the Symbol font.

Failing that you have to do a workaround at the moment of the kind you
suggest. Doing the <greek>S</greek> kind of thing is probably easiest; your
XSLT template can turn that into an fo:character.

Arved Sandstrom

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Here's the sitch. I got an element, let's say
<element>Interdum volgus rectum videt, est ubi peccat. Si veteres ita
miratur laudatque poetas, ut nihil anteferat, nihil illis comparet, errat.
Si quaedam nimis antique, si peraque dure dicere credit eos, ignave multa
fatetur, et sapit et mecum facit et Iova iudicat aequo.

Now. Let's say I have a greek symbol in the middle of that lot, and I want
to render it in symbol font. I know about <character font-family="Symbol">
but how do i pick out that character and leave the rest in normal font, if
you see what i mean. It's really an xsl question, but i though perhaps
somebody could help. I know about copy-of, but that copies only the text and
leaves out the sybol.

Could i mark up the symbol with, eg. <s>N</s> and then convert it
individually. What would the xsl markup look like.

Stephen Clarke

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